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Winner Foods Limited
has been operating since January 1993 and is based in North London, U.K. Under the expertise and experience of its seven founders, Winner Foods Ltd. has not only established itself in the local market as a hygienic and reputable manufacturer of fresh, frozen and dried noodles but it has also developed into one of the five largest noodle manufacturers in England. The products of Winner Foods Ltd are GM free and comply with the respective EC regulation.


The company manufactures traditional style Chinese pastry, Chinese and Asian fresh & dried noodle in both catering & retail sizes, in which dried noodles include Chop Suey, Extra Fine & Broad noodles. Our daily production ranges from traditional fresh Wanton pastry, Siew Mai Pastry, Dumpling pastry, Shanghai pastry, Fried pastry, Gyoza pastry, fresh Wanton noodles, Egg noodles, Shanghai noodles, Crispy Egg noodles and Japanese style Ramen to various fresh and frozen pastry & noodles according to customers’ specifications.

We command high standards in the quality of our noodles and pastry; this is achieved solely through years of experience & the use of fine product ingredients together with the aid of modern noodle-making methods. Since its incorporation, the company has experienced steady growth. We supply numerous medium sized Chinese wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants & Take-Away marketed either under the company’s own “WINNER FOODS BRAND”, “EARTH BRAND” or customers’ labels. Our products are also exported to Europe including Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Spain.

To ensure its superior standing in the marketplace, all products are manufactured and maintained under stringent quality control systems, from production to delivery to business customers. All personnel in the hierarchy are not only experienced but undergo regular relevant training programs to keep us all in touch with the latest manufacturing methods and to learn business and management best practices. Emphasis on research & development is another key factor in ensuring that we are always ahead of our competitors and our customers are being well served.
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